Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 30: Cobweb's Phrase

And so Cobweb, a female, was introduced to us. She shortly heard and felt the magnanimity of our happy quartet, and so joined us.

Peaseblossom immediately began asking questions, as in how many Morsels Cobweb had eaten, if she preferred swimming or hopping (when given both options) and also, what was her favorite color.

Peaseblossom asked her favorite color.

Cobweb said that she had eaten four hundred and ten morsels, that she preferred swimming, and that her favorite color was purple, because it was the opposite of yellow, which is the color of her right arm. She said that she liked purple because it was the opposite color of yellow, and it was important to like opposites every now and again, especially if you could sometimes hold them in your mind together without letting the man-idea of Separation get in the way.

Mustardseed then asked Cobweb her favorite Frog-saying, whether it was a ditty, quotation, or haiku, and if she did have one, please recite it, if she dared. I saw a keen look in Mustardseed's eyes. He was quite focused on Cobweb, or perhaps past Cobweb, for his eyes seemed to stare to a far-off place.

Cobweb said that she certainly would (in a tone that told me that this Frog was not one to be squeamish) and to Listen. She then propped herself on a log, and said:

Cobweb propped herself on a log, and spoke:

"Reality grows from understanding. The more seemingly unrelated items a Frog can meaningfully hold in her mind, the more items that she can bring together despite her impulse to dwell on their differences, the farther that Frog goes toward discovering more of the asymptotic truth - a small crumb of the cosmically infinite thing that she calls reality."

Mustardseed seemed quite energized by the presence of Cobweb, perhaps, he said, because she says things from within, but not really within, as the things are more outside, between, and intertwined with the Frogs than from the perspective of a single Frog.

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