Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chapter 8: Room

Today, over a glass of orange juice, Mustardseed asked me about Writing, and in particular how to Become Motivated to write.  

I said that it was often hard, because sometimes such Grand Events as the Battle of Achilles and Hector or the Ride of Apollo won't inspire one Word, and sometimes fail so much as to instead Despire.  I also said that the Gods are sometimes cruel, granting a great beam of inspiration while the Writer is not possibly able to write, and also sometimes when the Writer is ready and situated for writing, they will suck him Bone Dry.

Mustardseed did a quarter turn, looking into the expanse of his Dwelling, and said that he had not heard of these events, but he knew what I was Getting At.

I also said that occasionally it is very easy, and that a small Mote or speck of a thing will inspire Volumes.  For instance, I had derived great inspiration from two small and very Versatile creatures.  I went on to say that a Frog must have a certain calmness, with space sufficient for the mind to wander: the more space, the further away the mind can get.  This space also allows for a Clear Prose and an Inventive Spirit.

Mustardseed looked through his tubular log, as if it were a spyglass through which he perceived his Dwelling.  

Mustardseed looked through his tubular log

Or perhaps he was seeing the Lily Pad of Man beyond, or perhaps even further than that, while his feet perched in the calm water behind his humble figure and magnanimous visage.  I thought that I saw a Twinkle in his eye, and he said, very cryptically to me, that Perhaps there is Room Enough.

Mustardseed said that Perhaps there is Room Enough

I was a bit unnerved by the Frog's impetuosity.  He looked so self-assured that for a moment I thought myself under his influence, my body in a Dwelling, with Mustardseed the Keeper.  I also thought briefly that I should perhaps obtain a larger Dwelling for the Frogs, but it occurred to me that this was perhaps not what Mustardseed was Getting At.

With an innocuous smile and a Frog-foot lifted to invite my embrace, he said he would like to compose a message or possibly another Haiku to my Friends, whom he sees from inside his Dwelling.

Reassured, I reached to him, saying that I would be pleased to Extend his Words Beyond the Lily Pad.

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